with the founder

“The greatest satisfaction I obtain from my work is identifying my clients’ requirements and then converting these requirements into a specific profile which matches the position at hand as well as the culture and values of the organization: and what a challenge that can be! It is also our remit to question our client’s thinking by identifying profiles required by the organization that have not always been previously anticipated. And then there is the very personal relationship between the candidate and the organization which although often fast can also take more time to develop... but when it finally clicks, I’m rewarded with a true sense of accomplishment! And now my passion for head-hunting (a description I’ve never liked!) is leading me to develop an entirely tailor-made approach to recruitment.

The progress of cutting-edge technologies has also allowed us to be more innovative and social networks have notably opened up significant opportunities for those of us whose priority is gaining information and making contacts. Even here, however, certain core traditions persevere and notably concerning codes of conduct and respect for the network.

My wish is to be a talent mediator who carries out his profession according to one overriding belief: This profession is a real trade!”

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