Business succession planning

The three key objectives of any profit-making organization are: 1. to make profits, 2. to pursue growth, and 3. to guarantee its own longevity. Our business succession services focus on this last point. The longevity of an organization depends on the successful transfer of skills and knowhow from one generation of managers to the next. One of the main challenges of any HR role is to identify potential successors for all strategically important positions within the organization. And yet at a time when skills are becoming increasingly specialized, the identification of such successors from within the organization is not always feasible. Effective search for highly skilled professionals requires on-going monitoring of potential candidates and surveillance of the relevant industry sectors.

Our team

  • Magdalena Kagerer Senior Consultant
  • Paola Cubillos Research Associate
  • Rebeca Gonzalez Grivel Senior Consultant
  • Mathieu Bischof Senior Consultant
  • Vincenzo Ganci Founder and Managing Partner
  • Frank Gerritzen Partner
  • Pascal Gueissaz Partner
  • Loïc von Kaenel Partner
  • Aurélie Kratzer Research Associate
  • Léa Lambert Research Associate
  • Giorgia Marschall Partner
  • Céline Overney Research Associate
  • Caroline Rochani Research Associate - Team Manager
  • Kristina Stotz Research Associate
  • Vladan Veljkovic Senior consultant
  • Elodie Wenger Research Associate