Executive search

The creation of new posts, nomination of new managers and other forms of reorganization are all known to impact significantly on the wellbeing of an organization and its workers. Ganci & Partners are expertly positioned to assist you in carrying out a thorough and pertinent analysis of your internal organization to identify alternative options to an external search. Only once the need for an external resource is confirmed, do we recommend commencing the search process.

Our team

  • Magdalena Kagerer Senior Consultant
  • Paola Cubillos Research Associate
  • Rebeca Gonzalez Grivel Senior Consultant
  • Mathieu Bischof Senior Consultant
  • Vincenzo Ganci Founder and Managing Partner
  • Frank Gerritzen Partner
  • Pascal Gueissaz Partner
  • Loïc von Kaenel Partner
  • Aurélie Kratzer Research Associate
  • Léa Lambert Research Associate
  • Giorgia Marschall Partner
  • Céline Overney Research Associate
  • Caroline Rochani Research Associate - Team Manager
  • Kristina Stotz Research Associate
  • Vladan Veljkovic Senior consultant
  • Elodie Wenger Research Associate