Management Appraisal

From time to time, every organization is forced to question the qualifications of the members entrusted to implement its strategy. The company must also ask itself how its teams function and what synergies they create. Do the current managers have the required know-how? Do they form a real team with complementary skills? What is missing in terms of training and/or experience to optimize not only their collaboration, but also the output of the teamwork? Is coaching and training enough to close the gap between the present situation and the required knowledge and experience?

These are the questions that sometimes lead us to spontaneously, and ineffectively, rearrange a team and its members. Is this however, the right option? Are there more pragmatic and less radical solutions at hand? Is it possible the people are just not at the right place, their roles ill-defined and their strengths not put to optimal use?

The Ganci & Partners Management Appraisal can answer those questions and enables you to:
- Evaluate each and every team member’s capabilities
- Identify the skills that need to be strengthened through training or coaching
- Redistribute functions in order to optimize team dynamic and productivity
- Balance the team in order to deploy its full potential

Ganci & Partners’ consultants are able to assess a team supported by personality evaluation tools and competency-based interviews carried out by two of its senior members. Every member of your team is evaluated and an in- depth report is produced. Senior management can then identify the team’s true capabilities as well as weaknesses that may exist. The information allows for a solid basis on which to (re-) build organizational decisions.

Our experience has shown that minor changes can have substantial effects with very positive results. This methodology can have far larger returns than a more systematic and wide reorganization.

Our team

  • Rahel Aggeler Research Associate
  • Mathieu Bischof Executive Search Consultant
  • Sigolène Chavane Partner
  • Laura Cunrady Research Associate
  • Paola Cubillos Research Associate
  • Vincenzo Ganci Founder and Managing Partner
  • Frank Gerritzen Partner
  • Rebeca Gonzalez Grivel Executive Search Consultant
  • Pascal Gueissaz Partner
  • Rozenn Guitton Executive Search Consultant
  • Léna Guyot Research Associate
  • Gaëlle Hayoz Senior Research Associate
  • Florent Hoerd Executive Search Consultant
  • Eglantine Jamet Partner
  • Loïc von Kaenel Partner
  • Aurélie Kratzer Senior Research Associate
  • Arnold Lang Partner
  • Giorgia Marschall Partner
  • Laura Perrenoud Research Associate
  • Julie Salamin Senior Research Associate
  • Nina Leu Senior Research Associate
  • Caroline Rochani Head of Research and Internal Processes
  • Vladan Veljkovic Partner
  • Elodie Wenger Senior Research Associate
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