Executive Appraisal

Do you really know what the leadership profile of a potential candidate for a management position is? The full potential of your existing executive team? Its strengths and improvements areas?
Assessing internal and external candidates for top- and middle-management positions is a long-term journey and requires professional evaluation tools and the corresponding experience. Beyond experience, we also have the expertise to assess the true potential of a person when appointed to a more complex, exposed and challenging environment. Our Executive Appraisal service is composed of various external tools, such as behavior and intelligence evaluations, as well as information screening processes.

The Ganci & Partners Management Appraisal can answer those questions and enables you to:
- Evaluate each and every team member’s capabilities
- Identify the skills that need to be strengthened through training or coaching
- Redistribute functions in order to optimize team dynamic and productivity
- Balance the team in order to deploy its full potential

Our team

  • Simon Christen Executive Search Consultant
  • Mathieu Bischof Partner
  • Vincenzo Ganci Founder and Managing Partner
  • Vincenzo Ganci Founder and Managing Partner
  • Frank Gerritzen Partner
  • Rebeca Gonzalez Grivel Partner
  • Pascal Gueissaz Partner
  • Florent Hoerd Executive Search Consultant
  • Loïc von Kaenel Partner
  • Arnold Lang Partner
  • Giorgia Marschall Partner
  • Vladan Veljkovic Partner
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