Marketplace vision

We also have the experience to help you define a global vision of your marketplace, with focus on its development, latest trends and best practices being adopted by other leading players. Our business intelligence service delivers clear and detailed overviews of how your business sector is structured, which skills are currently available and what remuneration packages are being offered. This knowledge will allow you to continually assess the status of your own organization with one very clear objective: to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Such research is designed to help you identify the employment opportunities, skills and salaries currently on offer across your industry sector, thus allowing you to make internal decisions based on reliable and objective external data.

Our team

  • Magdalena Kagerer Senior Consultant
  • Paola Cubillos Research Associate
  • Rebeca Gonzalez Grivel Senior Consultant
  • Mathieu Bischof Senior Consultant
  • Vincenzo Ganci Founder and Managing Partner
  • Frank Gerritzen Partner
  • Pascal Gueissaz Partner
  • Loïc von Kaenel Partner
  • Aurélie Kratzer Research Associate
  • Léa Lambert Research Associate
  • Giorgia Marschall Partner
  • Céline Overney Research Associate
  • Caroline Rochani Research Associate - Team Manager
  • Kristina Stotz Research Associate
  • Vladan Veljkovic Senior consultant
  • Elodie Wenger Research Associate